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The most spectacular High Tatras hiking trails

Mountain hiking April 25, 2019 Slovakia Tatra Mountains High Tatras 2019 Mountain hiking
Tatra mountains overview
By Joanna Dabrowska
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When we think about hiking in Europe, first what comes to our minds are the Alps.

But there are other Alpine-like spectacular mountains in central Europe.

The high Tatras are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe. Divided between Poland and Slovakia, they are the highest mountains in this part of Europe.

For me, High Tatras is one of the best places to hike in Europe. 

The most spectacular Tatra hiking trails

Sunset panorama mountain autumn landscape of Slovakia Tatra mountains © TTstudio / Adobe Stock

The additional advantage of this European mountain region are low prices - Poland and Slovakia are one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

OK, a few quick facts about the High Tatras:

Now let's have a look at the most beautiful High Tatras hiking trails. I dare to say that because of their beauty and exciting elements, some of them are the best hikes in Europe.

When I was preparing this list I took into consideration not only landscape from the mountain top but also additional elements of the trails which add to their beauty and make the hike even more interesting.

Map of hiking trails in Tatras

Even though there is an overview map we always recommend to buy paper hiking map of Poland & Slovak Tatra.

Table of contents

1.¬†Rysy peak from¬†Ň†trbsk√© Pleso


The view on the Morskie Oko from Rysy peak © slavkob / Adobe Stock

Rysy peak is one of the most popular High Tatras hiking trails. In fact, many hikers consider it one of the best mountain hikes in Europe. The mountain is split between two countries. It is the highest mountain in Poland (it reaches 2499m) and can be climbed from Poland or Slovakia.

Rysy is a mountain massif which consists of 3 peaks, the highest of which reaches 2503m and belongs to Slovakia.

Panorama from Rysy mountain is 360 degrees and on a sunny day, we get to admire almost 100 of Tatra peaks and 12 lakes. The climb is worth the effort.

This section describes the main route from Slovakia to the summit of Rysy. We can see below the statistics of the route. 

Please note it is just one-way route. It is mandatory to get back into our residence/accommodation before nightfall. Details about return options are in the bottom of this section.

Route overview: ҆trbsk√© Pleso to Rysy
The map of hike to the Rysy from Slovakia
Avatar Length: (only one-way) 7.15mi (11.5km)
Avatar Elevation: (only one-way) 4593ft (1400m)
Avatar Time: (only one-way) 6:0
Avatar Beauty: 9 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 5 / 10

If you look for a route from Poland, from Morskie Oko parking you can find it here.

The trail in Slovakia is almost as long as Polish trail and there is a lot of height difference to hike. It is necessary to be fit to climb Rysy.

However, Slovak trail to Rysy mountain is technically easier and when the weather is nice, it can be hiked even by inexperienced hikers.

We start our hike in the most beautiful mountain resort in Slovakia -¬†Ň†trbsk√© Pleso.

The most beautiful mountain resort in Slovakia - SŐĆtrbskeŐĀ Pleso

҆trbsk√© Pleso ¬© lofik / Adobe Stock

We head to the trail fork (it is the upper part of the resort on the main asphalt road).

We enter the red trail and in about 1 hour we get to another famous Slovak Tatra lake - Popradské Pleso (1500m). On our way, we can also choose a bit shorter green trail but it is not as picturesque as the red parallel path.

So far the path is nice and easy. In Popradské Pleso there is a mountain hotel with a restaurant located over a picturesque lake.

The Poprad Pleso lake with the mountains in background

Poprad lake in High Tatras mountains © karnizz / Adobe Stock

We choose the blue trail. It is still an easy hike and in 40 minutes we get to a trail fork -¬†Nad ŇĹab√≠m Potokom¬†(1620m). We choose the red trail which will lead us directly to Rysy peak.

The views get better with every step. Also, the trail gets steeper and brittle, which can be a nuisance especially when climbing down.

zabie plesa lakes in the vally

Zabie lakes (Slovak: Zabie plesa, Polish: Zabie Stawy) © katatonia / Adobe Stock

In about 1 hour we get to a spectacular Dolina ŇĹab√≠ch Plies Valley. There are 3 postglacial lakes which add even more beauty to this amazing place.

After we pass the valley, the trail gets steep and we see a few ladders and chains which make the hike more secure. Actually, this is the only spot which can speed our heart rate with excitement.

Trail to Rysy mountain Slovakia.png

The rocky obstacles are not difficult to pass when they are dry. However, all those chains and ladders come in handy when it is raining.

Soon we get to Chata pod Rysmi mountain hut (2250m). It is the highest located shelter in Tatra mountains. It is open in the same months as trails in Slovak Tatras - June 16th to October 31st.

It is famous for its characteristic outdoor toilet and the fact that the mountain hut keeps getting destroyed by avalanches.

Chata pod Rysmi. Rysy mountain hut Slovakia.JPG

The mountain hut serves food and refreshments but is often crowded, so there is a high possibility we will not get any lunch there.

We set off for our final ascend - getting to Rysy peak should take us about 50 minutes.

At first, the trail is a comfortable stony pavement which leads us to Váha Pass (2337m). This spot is a perfect place to take memorable photos - the view is astounding!

For a few moments, the path remains rather mild and pleasant to hike. The final part of the trail gets steeper and rocky but still technically easy to climb.

Rysy mountain welcomes us with a breathtaking view of High Tatras. Let's remember to climb all three peaks of Rysy massif (they are very close to each other).

Peak of the Rysy mountain

The peak of the Rysy © kabat / Adobe Stock

We have two options to climb down:

For summary we put together the entire route onto the timeline:

҆trbsk√© Pleso (parking lot/train station)

We start from parking or station heading towards the lake nearby.

Distance: 0

Time: 0:00

Altitude: 4356ft (1328m)

҆trbsk√© Pleso (lake)

After 10 minutes since leaving our car we get to be under the lake from where will be taking red trail toward Popradské pleso.

Distance: 0.3mi (0.5km)

Time: 0:11

Altitude: 4432ft (1351m)

Popradské Pleso

Once we arrived at Popradské Pleso we will follow blue trail leading north.

Distance: 3.5mi (5.6km)

Time: 1:36

Altitude: 4921ft (1500m)

Nad ŇĹab√≠m potokom

We have to stay alerted to not miss the red trail. We should see it relatively soon also leading north.

Distance: 4.3mi (7km)

Time: 2:16

Altitude: 5314ft (1620m)

Chata pod Rysmi (Hut under Rysy)

We hike red trail until we see the tiny hut where we can rest for a while and refill before Rysy summit.

Distance: 6.4mi (10.3km)

Time: 4:16

Altitude: 7381ft (2250m)

The Rysy peak

After steep hike and passing several metal ladders we reach the peak of Rysy.

Distance: 6.9mi (11.2km)

Time: 5:10

Altitude: 8199ft (2499m)

2.¬†V√Ĺchodn√° Vysok√° from¬†Vysok√© Tatry - multi-day hike

hiking trails high tatras.jpg

This is a three-day option, one of the most exciting hiking trails in High Tatras.

The below routes are flexible, as there are several mountain huts on the way. If you feel that a proposed route is too long or short, it can be easily adjusted to your preferences.

Below there is a map of our 3-day hike for review. We belive clear understanding is the key to safe and happy trips.

hiking 3 days from Star√Ĺ Smokovec to VyŇ°n√© H√°gy

Day 1 - Going to Zbojnícka chata

This section describes the route from Stary Smokovec to the Zbojnicka chata. It is the first day our of a 3-day hike. We love multiday walks because we can enjoy the wonders of nature non-stop without checking back to the town every evening. We can disconnect from everyday life and sink into the silent rocks and whistling wind of the mountains.

Route overview: Smokovec-Vysoké Tatry to Zbojnícka chata
Map describing route from Stary Smocovec to Zbujnicka Chata
Avatar Length: (only one-way) 8.7mi (14km)
Avatar Elevation: (only one-way) 5413ft (1650m)
Avatar Time: (only one-way) 8:0
Avatar Beauty: 8 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 8 / 10

We start our hike in Smokovec-Vysoké Tatry mountain village. At the beginning the trail is multicoloured but soon we get to trail fork where we follow the green trail.

Nice and pleasant forest path leads us to Hrebienok trail fork (1285m) near Bilíkova Chata mountain hotel. It is possible to book a room there. In Bilíkova Chata there is also a restaurant.

We continue our trip hiking on the red trail. The view gets more beautiful with every minute. In 20 minutes we arrive at another trail fork - Nad Rainerovou Chatou (1323m).

There is a small mountain shelter nearby - Rainerova Chata. It is a nice rest stop but no food or accommodation is provided in this small mountain hut.

We start hiking on the green/red trail. It is an easy path to hike.

We cross a stream and soon get to another trail fork - Rázcestie pri Zamkovského chate (1475m). We choose the green trail and after a few moments, we arrive at another mountain hut - Zamkovského chata.

As we can see High Tatras huts are very frequent in this area.ūüôā

Mountain huts High Tatras .jpg

Zamkovského chata mountain shelter offers food and accommodation. Contact details: +421 905 554 471 / +421 902 266 115.

After a break, we continue our hike on the green trail. We head to another mountain hut - Téryho Chata (2015m).

After about half an hour we get to admire the astounding view of High Tatras. The trail is still technically easy to hike but is steep - we need to do about 600m of height difference.

Téryho Chata is located high in the mountains and offers the best view from all the other mountain shelters we passed. Unlike Chata pod Rysmi, this mountain shelter is open all year round.

If we are already tired, we can stay in Téryho Chata. There are 24 beds available in 3 bedrooms. It is necessary to have our own sleeping bag, as only blankets are provided. There are washrooms but no warm water is available.

Contact details to Téryho Chata cottage:
Mobile number: +421 949 650 315 
E-mail: [email protected]

After taking and break in the mountain hut we set off on a final part of today's hike.

On our way, we get to admire not only majestic panorama of High Tatras peaks - there are beautiful¬†SpiŇ°sk√© lakes. The trail runs close to Prostredn√© SpiŇ°sk√© Pleso lake - spectacular spot!

In 40 minutes we arrive at a trail fork Kotlina pod Sedielkom (2135m). There we choose the yellow marked path and head towards our final mountain hut - Zbojnícka Chata (1960m).

The yellow trail is the most exciting part of this route - there is a famous¬†Prieńćne Sedlo (Czerwona ŇĀawka) Pass.

This is a difficult part. Many consider it the most difficult trail in Slovak Tatras.

It is not suitable for hikers with a fear of height (exposure!). Also, previous experience in high mountains will be useful here.

There are chains and metal stairs - this part resembles alpine via ferrata trails.

The majority of hikers climb it without any specific equipment but it is recommended to have a helmet and gloves.

Via ferrata Slovakia.jpg
Via ferrata Slovakia .jpg

The trail is two-way but we need to remember to climb it on the right-hand side. This will prevent the path from getting jammed.

Also, there is not much space for the rest, so we need to climb this fragment quite fast.

After we climb¬†Prieńćne Sedlo Pass, the trail becomes much easier to hike, a traditional stony pavement.

Getting to Zbojnícka Chata mountain shelter takes about 3 hours.

mountain huts High Tatras ZbojniŐĀcka chata Slovakia.jpg

This mountain hut is located in¬†Veńĺk√° Studen√° Dolina (Great Cold Valley) and is¬†open all year round. There are 16 beds. Toilets are only outdoors. Hikers can use the shelter's kitchen to prepare their food or buy meals at the restaurant.

Contact details to Zbojnícka chata cottage:
Mobile number: +421 903 638 000
E-mail:¬†¬†[email protected]

Day 2 - Going to¬†Horsk√Ĺ Hotel Sliezsky Dom

This section describes the route from Zbojnicka chata to Horsky Hotel Sliezsky Dom. It is the second day our of a 3-day hike. One thing about multiday hikes is that we can wake up early and we are already in the heart of the mountains and early mornings are most spectacular times. In the mornings the air is clear the clouds are low it is the best time for admirers.

Route overview: Zbojnicka chata to Horsk√Ĺ Hotel Sliezsky Dom
map zbojnicka chata sliezsky dom
Avatar Length: (only one-way) 4.35mi (7km)
Avatar Elevation: (only one-way) 2297ft (700m)
Avatar Time: (only one-way) 5:30
Avatar Beauty: 3 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 7 / 10

We set off from Zbojnícka Chata mountain hut on the blue path towards trail fork Prielom Rohatka (2290m). The first hour of our hike leads in a valley, the trail is scenic and not demanding.

Then we get to a steep rocky trail where we have some chains to facilitate the climb. This is an exciting part and some previous experience in high mountains comes in handy.

High Tatras Slovakia hiking trails.jpg

Soon after our demanding climb, we start hiking down to another trail fork -¬†Pod Pońĺsk√Ĺm hrebeŇąom (2110¬†m). When we get there we choose the green trail and start climbing up.

After 15 minutes we arrive at the next trail fork -¬†Pońĺsk√Ĺ hrebeŇą (2200¬†m) where we start our ascent on yellow trail to¬†V√Ĺchodn√° Vysok√° mountain (2429m).

The trail is steep but no climbing is required.

High Tatras hiking trails - Slovakia.jpg

In about 50 minutes our effort is rewarded with a fantastic panorama of High Tatras with its solemn peaks and beautiful postglacial lakes.

Climbing down to¬†Pońĺsk√Ĺ hrebeŇą trail fork takes about half an hour.

We start hiking down the blue trail which leads towards Sliezsky dom mountain hut (1665 m). Getting to the shelter takes about two hours.

On our way, we pass two lakes - Dlhé Pleso and Velické Pleso.

The trail leads among High Tatra peaks. This part is easy - it is a comfortable Tatra stony pavement. There is one steep descent close to the mountain hut but it is technically easy to hike.

Horsk√Ĺ Hotel Sliezsky Dom is a mountain hotel. Rooms are nice and comfortable, with TV and free Wi-Fi. There are a hotel restaurant and a lobby bar. The hotel even offers a wellness zone with jacuzzi pool, saunas and massages.

Since it is possible to get to this hotel by car, it tends to be quite popular among tourists. Booking a room in advance is necessary.

You can check this mountain hotel here:

Day 3 - Going to¬†VyŇ°n√© H√°gy

This section describes the route from Horsky Hotel Sliezsky Dom to Vysne Hagy town under the mountains. It is the third and last day our of a 3-day hike. Today we will be saying goodbye to our mountains and hopefully, "see you soon" :)

Route overview: Horsky Hotel Sliezsky Dom to Vysne Hagy
Hiking map from Sliezsky Dom to Vysne Hagy
Avatar Length: (only one-way) 5.28mi (8.5km)
Avatar Elevation: (only one-way) 951ft (290m)
Avatar Time: (only one-way) 4:30
Avatar Beauty: 5 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 3 / 10

Last day of our hike. Not very challenging and technically easy to hike but very beautiful nonetheless.

We sett off from¬†Horsk√Ĺ Hotel Sliezsky Dom on the yellow trail towards¬†Pod Such√Ĺm Vrchom trail fork (1710¬†m). Getting there takes about 1.5 hours.

On our right side, we admire a beautiful mountain landscape.

When we get to the trail fork, we continue hiking the red trail. In half an hour we arrive at Batizovské Pleso lake (1884m). It is a perfect place to have some rest and take photos.

hiking High Tatras Slovakia  BatizovskeŐĀ pleso.jpg

After we pass the lake we soon arrive at a trail fork where we start climbing down the yellow trail towards¬†VyŇ°n√© H√°gy (1100m).

Getting to the village takes about 1.5 hours.

VyŇ°n√© H√°gy¬†is one of those¬†small villages in Slovakia where you can get away from your everyday problems and enjoy amazing views of Tatra mountains.

There are no tourist attractions, no crowds, only peace and quiet.

You can check available accommodation in¬†VyŇ°n√© H√°gy here:

3.¬†Slavkovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t

High Tatras Slovakia

This is the only High Tatra peak in Slovakia available for hikers in wintertime.

Slavkovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t reaches¬†2452m. Many tourists consider it one of the¬†best hikes in Slovakia.¬†Reasons:

  • it is one of the most easily accessible High Tatras hiking routes
  • there is just one trail which starts in¬†Star√Ĺ Smokovec (Vysok√© Tatry village)
  • hikers do not need to walk long valleys to climb this mountain
  • no chains or other technically difficult parts

However, we need to remember that the route is long and tiring - we need to hike 1450m of height difference.

Route overview: Star√Ĺ Smokovec (Vysok√© Tatry) to Slavkovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t
Map of trail from Stary Smorkoviec to Slavkovsky Stit
Avatar Length: (Both ways) 8.7mi (14km)
Avatar Elevation: (Both ways) 4757ft (1450m)
Avatar Time: (Both ways) 10:0
Avatar Beauty: 8 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 5 / 10

Even though there is an overview map we always recommend to buy paper hiking map of Poland & Slovak Tatra.

We start our hike on the blue trail which starts in¬†Star√Ĺ Smokovec center. Soon the path enters a forest.

In about 1.5 hours we get to¬†Pod Slavkovsk√Ĺm Ň°t√≠tom trail fork (1356m).

We continue hiking the blue trail and in about half an hour the beautiful view starts to emerge - with every step we see the amazing panorama of the south. Soon we will also get to admire High Tatras.

Tatra hiking routes.jpg

The blue trail gets steep at some points but is technically easy to hike. There are a few spots where the stony path can be a bit difficult to climb on a rainy day but this rule applies to all Tatra National Park trails.

If it is raining or snowing, it is better to think twice before going into the high mountains.

If the weather is favorable our effort is rewarded with a fantastic panorama of High Tatras.

The last part of the trail zigzags on a steep slope and is full of rock rubble. It is easy to slip down with colluvium, so it is good to have trekking poles (so useful, especially when climbing down).

If we lose the blue mark from sight we do not need to worry much - there are a few paths which connect together near the mountain top.

Slavkovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t is situated front-end to High Tatra peaks which makes it a very picturesque mountain. It is not a fast and easy hike but definitely worth the effort.

There is no mountain hut on the way, so it is necessary to take plenty of water and snacks.

To summarize we put this trail overview on the timeline for you:

Star√Ĺ Smokovec (Vysok√© Tatry)

Distance: 0

Time: 0.00

Altitude: 3356ft (1023m)

Coordinates: 49.140928, 20.220109

Pod Slavkovsk√Ĺm Ň°t√≠tom

Distance: 1.4mi (2.3km)

Time: 1:32

Altitude: 4448ft (1356m)

Coordinates: 49.153580, 20.210362

Slavkovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t

Distance: 4.7mi (6.9km)

Time: 5:17

Altitude: 8044ft (2452m)

Coordinates: 49.166048, 20.184803

Pod Slavkovsk√Ĺm Ň°t√≠tom

Distance: 7.2mi (11.6km)

Time: 8:02

Altitude: 4448ft (1356m)

Coordinates: 49.153580, 20.210362

Star√Ĺ Smokovec (Vysok√© Tatry)

Distance: 8.6mi (13.8km)

Time: 9:14

Altitude: 3356ft (1023m)

Coordinates: 49.140928, 20.220109

4.¬†K√īprovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t

Best places to hike in Europe. Koprovsky stit. High Tatras.jpg

This hike is technically easy, no chains or exposure points on the way. However, like the majority of Slovak Tatra trails, it is quite long and requires a certain level of fitness and stamina. But still, it is one of the easiest peak hikes in High Tatras.

Route overview: ҆trbsk√© Pleso to K√īprovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t
map to hike koprovsky stit from slovakia
Avatar Length: (Both ways) 13.05mi (21km)
Avatar Elevation: (Both ways) 4856ft (1480m)
Avatar Time: (Both ways) 10:0
Avatar Beauty: 8 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 5 / 10

It's always a good idea to have with you on trip the paper hiking map of Poland & Slovak Tatra.

It is not a circular trail and we need to climb down the same way but the hike is so beautiful that we will not get bored on our way down.

We start our trip in¬†Ň†trbsk√© Pleso mountain resort. Let's not get discouraged with crowds there - the majority of hikers would probably walk to Rysy peak.ūüėČ

The red trail leading to Popradské Pleso lake is nice, easy and picturesque. Getting to the lake takes about 1 hour. There is also a mountain hotel with a restaurant.

If we have a lot of time and energy, we can check the symbolic cemetery near Popradské Pleso. It commemorates all the mountain guides and rescuers who lost their lives in Tatras.

In¬†Popradsk√© Pleso we take on the blue trail leading towards¬†Nad ŇĹab√≠m Potokom (1620m). In the beginning, we hike in the forest, but soon we get to the clearing and start admiring emerging High Tatras peaks.

When we arrive at¬†¬†Nad ŇĹab√≠m Potokom trail fork, we continue hiking the blue trail. It is not demanding, and the trail ascends mildly.

Now we hike towards¬†VyŇ°n√© K√īprovsk√© Sedlo Pass¬†(2180m). This part takes about 2 hours.

After a while, the trail gets steeper, but it is still technically easy to hike. Anyway, when we get o the valley near¬†Veńĺk√© Hincovo Pleso Lake, the trail gets almost flat.

This place is perfect for a break.

Hiking High Tatras Slovakia.jpg

After we absorbed the immense beauty of High Tatras we continue hiking the blue trail. After a while, the trail gets steeper but the path zigzags on the slope - we climb to¬†VyŇ°n√© K√īprovsk√© Sedlo Pass.

When we arrive at the trail fork we have only one option to choose - the red trail leading towards the mountain top. This will take us about 1 hour.

At first, the path leads us on a rocky slope. Then it changes into rubble. This is the most exciting part of the hike, but we also need to be cautious. At some points, we may use our hands to climb big rocks but it is technically easy and no climbing skills are necessary.

High Tatras Slovakia.jpg

K√īprovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t mountain top (2363m) is rather narrow and there is not a lot of space. A dozen hikers on the top make it crowded.¬†K√īprovsk√Ĺ Ň°t√≠t looks innocent from the trail, but it descends really steep from other directions.

Fortunately, this mountain is not as famous as Rysy or¬†Kriv√°Ňą, so if we start our hike early in the morning, we will be able to enjoy the breathtaking panorama in peace. During sunny weather, the 360¬į¬†view is unforgettable and we will get a chance to take fantastic photos! ūüíö


Krivan Slovakia.JPG
Route overview:
Map of the route to Krivan
Avatar Length: (only one-way) 9.32mi (15km)
Avatar Elevation: (only one-way) 4659ft (1420m)
Avatar Time: (only one-way) 8:30
Avatar Beauty: 9 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 7 / 10

Kriv√°Ňą reaches¬†2495m and is a national Slovak mountain. It symbolizes Slovakia's revival and is mentioned in the national anthem and is imprinted on Slovak coins.

Many hikers consider¬†Kriv√°Ňą one of the¬†best High Tatras hiking routes¬†- panorama from the mountain top takes the breath away. Also, there are many picturesque places on the way to¬†Kriv√°Ňą peak. It is a true paradise for mountain lovers and photographers.

There are three trailheads from which we can climb¬†Kriv√°Ňą:

  • the green trail from¬†Tri studnińćky
  • the red trail from ҆trbsk√© pleso
  • the blue trail from¬†Podbansk√© Biely V√°h

In my opinion, the first option is best. It is not easy, there is a lot of height difference to hike and the ascent is long and tiring. Also, there is no mountain hut on the way. But the effort is well rewarded with beautiful views.

Check here a detailed description of this route.

6. Bystrá lávka

Bystra lawka tatra mountains vodospad skok
Route overview: Strabskie Pleso to Bystra Lavka
Hiking map Strabskie Pleso - Bystra Lawka
Avatar Length: (only one-way) 9.94mi (16km)
Avatar Elevation: (only one-way) 3510ft (1070m)
Avatar Time: (only one-way) 8:30
Avatar Beauty: 8 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 5 / 10

For me, this is one of the best hikes in Tatras (and also one of the best mountain hikes in Europe).

Here is why:

  • not so much height difference to hike like in other High Tatra trails
  • the views are amazing
  • a waterfall on the way
  • several scenic postglacial lakes
  • chains which make this hike even more exciting
  • the pass is located between two amazingly beautiful valleys -¬†Mlynick√° Valley and Furkotska Valley
  • the trail is not as popular as Rysy or¬†Kriv√°Ňą, so there are no traffic jams and crowds on the way

Important info: trail up to the Vodospád Skok waterfall is available for hikers all year.

Check here a detailed description of this route.

7. KoŇõcielec (Polish Tatra)

Hiking in Europe High Tatras

Now let's have a look at Polish Tatra National Park hiking trails. In Polish High Tatras there are some of the¬†best places to hike in Europe!¬†ūüíô

Route overview: Zakopane KuŇļnice to KoŇõcielisko peak
koscielisko hiking map from kuznice
Avatar Length: (Both ways) 9.94mi (16km)
Avatar Elevation: (Both ways) 4593ft (1400m)
Avatar Time: (Both ways) 8:30
Avatar Beauty: 10 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 8 / 10

KoŇõcielec reaches¬†2155m. It¬†is also called¬†Polish Matterhorn¬†- it is very similar to the famous Swiss pointed mountain.

Hikers can admire its full characteristic shape from GńÖsienicowa Valley - scenic High Tatra valley.

Gasienicowa vally in High Tatras

KoŇõcielec looks hostile and very difficult to climb but in fact, the path leading to the mountain top is not that difficult.

The majority of difficulties on this trail are caused by the lack of artificial facilitations - we are on our own, no chains, no iron steps.

Up until Karb Pass (1853m) the trail is nice and easy and suitable even for beginners. Closer to the mountain top there are three problematic spots which sometimes create traffic jams on the path (especially on a rainy day).

All in all, KoŇõcielec trail is exciting and, like other High Tatra mountains, it rewards well the climbing effort. Additional bonuses on the way are Murowaniec mountain hut (great food!) and Czarny Staw GńÖsienicowy Lake (1628m) - one of the¬†best places to visit in Tatra mountains in Poland.

Check here a detailed description of this route.

8. Szpiglasowy Wierch (Polish Tatra)

Szpiglasowy - Best hikes in Europe High Tatras
Route overview: Hiking route from Palenica BiaŇāczaŇĄska to Szpiglasowy Wierch and return
The hiking map showing route from palenica to szpiglasowy peak
Avatar Length: (Both ways) 14.91mi (24km)
Avatar Elevation: (Both ways) 4790ft (1460m)
Avatar Time: (Both ways) 10:0
Avatar Beauty: 9 / 10
Avatar Difficulty: 9 / 10

Szpiglasowy Wierch peak reaches 2172m. For me, it is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in High Tatras in Poland. Many mountain lovers consider Szpiglasowy Wierch as one of the best hikes in Poland.

This route includes Valley of the Five Lakes (1672m) and Morskie Oko Lake (1406m). Both are thought to be the most beautiful places to visit in Poland.

There are two mountain huts on the way so it is not necessary to carry too much food. It is worth to remember that those shelters are open all year round but are highly popular among tourists as both are easily accessible.

Fantastic panorama of High Tatra accompanies us almost during the whole hike (if the weather is favourable).

There are chains in one point but this part is not technically difficult and every mountain hiker should be able to pass it without any issues. Generally, this trail is the best example of easy hikes in High Tatras.

However, the route is long. A 24-kilometre long hike in the mountains is appropriate for fit hikers.

I recommend to hike it in the direction given here. The more difficult part is on the yellow trail leading from Valley of the Five Lakes and it is always better to climb up harder part and walk down on the easy path.

Check here a detailed description of this route.

Safety information

how to stay safe in the mountains

© Brett / Adobe Stock

  1. Plan well your mountain hike. Check the time of a hike, difficulties, trail description, etc.
  2. Take a paper map with you. Phones and tablets are not reliable in the high mountains.
  3. Trails in Slovak Tatras above mountain huts are closed from November 1st until June 15th.
  4. Emergency numbers in Tatra mountains:
    Poland: 985 or 601 100 300
    Slovakia:18 300
  5. Have ICE card (In Case of Emergency card). It is a small card with contact details to a person who should be informed if an accident happens. They should also be able to provide health information about you - medicines, blood type, etc.
  6. Inform about your trip your family and/or friends. Tell them exactly where you are planning to hike.
  7. Get yourself a comfortable backpack.
  8. Take plenty of water and warm tea. Dehydration leads to weakness.
  9. Remember about nutritious food.
  10. Check here what to take for a mountain hike.
  11. Check weather forecast. Weather in Tatra mountains tends to be unpredictable and changes quickly. If there is a thunderstorm predicted for the afternoon, it is best to resign from the trip.
  12. Start your hike as early in the morning as possible. It is better to have a lot of time for climbing down. Also, thunderstorms are more frequent in the afternoons.
  13. Winter hiking is more difficult and dangerous than a summer trip. Prepare well.
  14. Remember about sport insurance. Rescue missions in the mountains are very costly.
  15. Avoid these common mistakes made by mountain hikers.
  16. The majority of hiking trails in High Tatras are demanding and require a good physical condition. It is always good to work out at least several weeks before your mountain trip.

We always recommend to buy paper hiking map of Poland & Slovak Tatra.

Best hotels in High Tatras

҆trbsk√© Pleso, Tatra mountains in Slovakia

© panaramka / Adobe

If you wonder where to stay in High Tatras, fear not for there are lots of great places.¬†ūüėČ


Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras

Located very close to¬†Ň†trbsk√© Pleso lake, this hotel is a very comfortable place to stay. There are a SPA and wellness centre. The hotel restaurant serves delicious food and their selection of wines is great! Rooms are clean and spacious with free Wi-Fi. Staff is very kind and helpful.

You can check this beautiful hotel here:

Hotel Panorama¬†Ň†trbsk√© Pleso

This modern four-star hotel is also located close to the lake. It has SPA facilities and conference rooms. Free parking. Continental buffet breakfast is included. Rooms are nice and clean. Apartments with equipped kitchen are also available.

You can check this hotel here:


Grand Hotel Tatransk√° Lomnica

Great location - the hotel is situated very close to the ski lift. There are a SPA and wellness centre with an outdoor heated pool (great view!). Breakfast is included in the price. Kind and attentive staff. Free parking available.

You can check Grand Hotel Praha here:

Wellness Cottage CEDER Tatranska Lomnica

Fabulous wooden chalet located close to ski lift. Both the interior and decor are lovely - characteristic Tatra mountain wooden architecture. The perfect mountain atmosphere. The wellness centre includes a sauna and a hot tub. Buffet breakfast is abundant with many options to choose from. Comfortable and spacious rooms.

You can check this beautiful log house here:


Horn√Ĺ Smokovec is a great starting point of many hiking trails. Quiet, nice village with an added bonus - beautiful scenery.

We discovered fantastic accommodation there - Panoramic Mountain Residence.

This option is great if you want some comfortable luxury. It is a beautiful place offering spacious apartments with mountain view. It also has some SPA facilities and outdoor hot tub. It is situated close to hiking trails. The only drawback of this place is the fact there's no restaurant.

If it seems like a good option for you, you can book your stay here:

High Tatras huts

Morskie Oko mountain hut

© darek / Adobe Stock

The majority of mountain huts in the High Tatras are located in Slovakia. There are only two mountain shelters in Polish High Tatras.

Here is a complete list of all hotels and mountain huts High Tatras:

→ Chata Pri Zelenom Plese
E-mail:¬†[email protected]

→ Skalnatá chata
Mobile number: +421 904 890 298
E-mail:¬†[email protected]

→ Zamkovského chata
Mobile number: +421 905 554 471 ; +421 902 266 115
E-mail:¬†[email protected]

→ Téryho chata
Mobile number: +421 949 650 315 
E-mail: [email protected]

→ Zbojnícka chata
Mobile number: +421 903 638 000
E-mail:¬†¬†[email protected]

→ Sliezsky Dom
Mobile number: +421 918 988 309
E-mail:¬†[email protected]

→ Chata pod Rysmi
Mobile number: +421 903 181 051

‚Üí¬†Horsk√Ĺ hotel Popradsk√© Pleso
Mobile number: +421 908 761 403
E-mail:¬†[email protected]

→ Chata pod Soliskom
Mobile number: +421 917 655 446
E-mail:¬†[email protected]

→ Valley of the Five Lakes
Mobile number: +48 781 055 555
E-mail:¬†[email protected]

→ Morskie Oko
Mobile number: +48 18 20 77 609 ; +48 602 260 757

Shelters in Tatra mountains are very popular among tourists so we need to book a room well in advance.

Transportation in the High Tatras

Other things to do in High Tatras

If you would like to take a break from hiking and check other attractions in the region, you might be interested in the below options.


The biggest and ultra-modern waterpark in southern Poland. Located in Chocholow village just 20-minute drive from Zakopane.

It offers numerous hot spring pools (there are 30 of them!), indoor and outdoor. Lots of different types of saunas, salt grottos, steam baths, SPA facilities, slides, kids fun zone, swimming pools, sports centre, restaurants and pool bar. A great option to relax after a few days spent on hiking trails. I especially liked the big infrared sauna from which I got to admire a panoramic view of Tatra mountains.

To avoid standing in line you can get a full access ticket in advance here:


Antoher great water park located near Tatra mountains. Smaller than Chocholow Thermal Baths but also offers indoor and outdoor pools with hot springs water, slides, water attractions, saunas, SPA treatments and amazing mountain view.

You can get a skip-the-line ticket together with transport here:


In Slovakia, there are many impressive medieval castles. The most beautiful one is the Bojnice castle. Built in the 12th century, it looks like taken straight from a fairy tale. If you would like to get to know Slovak history and cultural heritage, you might be interested in getting a tour with a professional guide.

This option includes also a visit to Bojnice castle gardens and zoo and trip to Beckov to see the famous Beckov castle. Hotel pick-up is included.

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