The weather planner for trip planning in Tatra mountains

Get weather planner for tatra mountains

The weather is one of the most important aspects of your vacation and hikes. 

Given the fact that Tatra mountains are known for their changing and unpredictable weather conditions, we created a short weather flyer with 6 sides.

Hopefully, with this information, you will be better prepared and you will gain:

  • Knowledge of weather periods in the year 
  • Specifics of Tatra climate
  • Several tips when the weather is bad
  • Safety recommendations
  • Where to get Tatra weather alerts
  • What to wear on the trip to stay warm

In exchange, all we ask is to answer only 4 questions that will help to improve our blog. (You don't have to answer optional questions but we would appreciate if you have something to write there)

Here we also attach happy Joanna even though the weather was bad: