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Rabka-Zdrój - a beautiful mountain resort close to Kraków

rabka poland
By Joanna Dabrowska

By Joanna
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Mountain hiking March 14, 2024 Poland Gorce Koninki Rabka 2024 Mountain hiking

Rabka-Zdrój is a scenic mountain resort in Southern Poland, located near Gorce National Park. It's one of the best options for a day trip from Kraków or a getaway for travellers who wish to discover nature in Poland.

It's also a health resort - there are natural mineral waters (brines) rich in iodine, sodium, chlorides and bromides. Rabka-Zdrój is also renowned for its climate - there's clean sharp mountain air.

I'd definitely recommend visiting this beautiful town, especially if you're visiting Kraków (70 km) or Zakopane (40 km). It can be easily reached by car or by bus from these two cities.

OK, let's have a look at all Rabka-Zdrój has to offer to its visitors.

Places in Poland

Quick facts about Rabka-Zdrój

places poland

✅ Rabka-Zdrój attracts campers and hikers with its picturesque mountainous location and many hiking trails; it's also a great location for cycling and horse riding.

✅ In 1996 Rabka-Zdrój was given the official status of "The Town of Children of the World" by the United Nations.

✅ The town was also awarded the Order of Smile - an international award given to people famous for their care of children. The world's only Order of the Smile Museum is housed in the Rabkoland amusement park.

✅ Rabka-Zdrój, Frome (United Kingdom), Murrhardt (Germany), and Chateau-Gontier (France) are partner cities.

✅ The Spa Park (Park Zdrojowy) covers an impressive area of approximately 30 hectares.

✅ At Rabkoland, unique championships take place, including balloon blowing with chewing gum, milking an artificial cow, and riding on toilet bowl shells.

✅ Rabka-Zdrój still boasts historic villas that provide insights into pre-war spa architecture.

Top attractions

Rabkoland Amusement Park


Family Amusement Park Rabkoland is one of the most popular attractions in Rabka-Zdrój. It's also considered one of the best amusement parks in Poland!

One of Rabkoland's greatest advantages is its diversity.

This amusement park is a magical town consisting of 16 streets and 6 squares. You will find there the Joyful Farm, the Grand Circus, where 96 figures of people and animals will welcome you. In the Spooky Manor, you'll have the opportunity to feel like characters in a real horror movie. On the square under the Caramel, you can try your hand at milking an artificial cow against the clock, and who knows, maybe you'll beat the previous record 😉

Rabkoland boasts 22 places filled with original characters, colorful figures, totaling 254, and of course, carousels! 34 carousels will provide you with plenty of thrills. But that's not all. While strolling through the amusement park, you might come across the Eiffel Tower, the Flying Bus, Music Express, an observation wheel, pontoons, multi-functional playgrounds, toboggan tracks, water slides – entertainment that will last the whole day.

It's an excellent place for spending quality time together, creating unforgettable memories, and strengthening family bonds. For me, this amusement park is one of the most fun places in Poland!

Rabkoland also houses numerous restaurants and cafes.

The amusement park is open from the end of April until the end of September.

Address: Rynek, Rabka-Zdrój.

You may check out the ticket prices here.

Władysław Orkan Museum

what to see in poland

The Władysław Orkan Museum in Rabka-Zdrój is located in a historic, larch-wooden church from the first half of the 17th century. The temple is one of the most valuable landmarks of wooden sacred architecture.

The church is surrounded by an 18th-century stone wall with three gates. There are also shrines belonging to the Stations of the Cross and fragments of a preserved cemetery.

Visitors can admire the folk art of the local highlanders, as well as artisanal artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and traditional costumes. Most exhibits date back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

It is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

You may check out the opening hours and ticket prices on the museum's website here.

Address: Sądecka 6 Street.

Park Zdrojowy (Spa Park)

places to go near krakow

Located right in the city center, it's a truly beautiful park.

There are wide pathways, playgrounds for children, natural monuments, fountains, a saline graduation tower, a cemetery of Soviet soldiers, and a monument to the pope that marks the beginning of the so-called Papal Trail, leading tourists to the Gorce and Beskid Wyspowy mountains. You may also try highly mineral water at a drinking facility in the park.

In Pak Zdrojowy you can also rent go-kart bicycles and ride them on special paths.

For me, park in Rabka-Zdrój is one of the most charming places to visit near Kraków.

Promenade along the Poniczanka River

poland vacation spots

The promenade along the Poniczanka River is one of the newest attractions in Rabka that has been expanded in the Spa Park. Taking a stroll along the gently flowing river is a fantastic idea!

Here, you will find a walking trail, an artificial waterfall, fountains, a place for a bonfire, a beach volleyball court and a climbing wall.

It's an ideal spot for strolls but also a space suitable for various forms of physical activity. On-site, you can take advantage of a water sensory path for massage and rehabilitation.

Rabka Rope Park

I like rope parks 🙂 If you also appreciate a bit of adrenaline during your travels, visit Rabka Rope Park.

The park offers two routes:

✔️ Children's route: designed for children from the age of 4. It is located at a height of approximately 3m, and along its course, there are obstacles such as climbing walls, hanging bridges, and 3 zip lines – rides from tree to tree. The entire obstacle course is secured with special nets to prevent falls.

✔️ The second route is intended for adults and children above the age of 10. The course features numerous hanging bridges and zip lines. The height of obstacles ranges from 6 to 12 meters. The route is equipped with a unique continuous safety system. It provides complete protection against falls (participants navigating the course do not need to clip any carabiners, and they are unable to unhook themselves from the safety line).

Address: Orkana Street.

Observation tower on Polczakówka Hill

places near krakow poland

It's only about 40-minutes walk from Rabka-Zdrój center and I highly recommend it.

The trip to Polczakówka viewing platform allows you to admire the beautiful panorama of the Gorce National Park.

What I like about this place is that it's peaceful and quiet and along the trail you surely won't encounter crowds of people.

To reach Polczakówka, you can set out from the center of Rabka Zdrój following the blue trail:

The hike is nice and technically easy, perfect for families with kids or pleasant afternoon walk.

The observation tower on Polczakówka is over 25 meters high. At the top of the tower, there is a spacious viewing terrace.

Interestingly, it's located near RabaBang Park– an all-year-round, professional freestyle ski jump. There are snowboarders and freestyle skiers performing spectacular acrobatics in the air. The facility consists of a ramp and take-off covered with a new generation needle felt and a specialized landing pad. The entire setup is connected to an irrigation system, ensuring the right level of slipperiness.

RabaBang Park is the second such facility in Europe (the other one is near Innsbruck, Austria). With a bit of luck, you'll get to admire quite a show!

Astronomical observatory on the Lubomir mountain

attractions poland

 Tadeusz Banachiewicz Astronomical observatory is located on the Lubomir Mountain in Beskid Makowski mountain range, about 30 km from Rabka-Zdrój.

I think it's worth mentioning it. It's a real treat for astronomy enthusiasts and one of the most unusual places to visit near Kraków.

During clear days, they organize fascinating sun shows. Under favorable conditions, it's also possible to observe the phase of the planet Venus. The observatory also hosts series of evening sky shows. Shows take place on Saturdays from March to November near the new Moon.

Currently, the observatory's website is available only in the Polish language and I recommend contacting them before your visit - you may send email at [email protected]

The easiest way to get there would be to drive to the parking near the observatory (here's a Google Maps link) and walk up to the Lubomir Mountain:

It's just about an hour of hiking and there's a restaurant on the way (Gościniec pod Lubomirem).

Hiking in Rabka-Zdrój

Hiking in Gorce mountains with friends - Turbacz peak

Rabka-Zdrój is conveniently situated between Gorce National Park and Beskid Wyspowy Mountains.

If you would like to explore hiking trails in the area check out the below hiking guides:

⛰️ Gorce National Park

⛰️ Beskid Wyspowy Mountains

⛰️ Babia Góra National Park

⛰️ High Tatra Mountains

⛰️ Pieniny National Park

The best places to stay in Rabka-Zdrój

beautiful places poland

If you would like to stay in Rabka-Zdrój, choose Hotel Wiosna. It's a comfortable hotel located close to Park Zdrojowy. Guests appreciate spacious rooms, buffet breakfast and SPA facilities. The hotel offers parking.

If you prefer to stay in an apartment, choose Apartamenty Watra. They are highly rated on Guests are happy with the quiet and convenient location, parking, and well-furnished apartments.

Another interesting place to stay in Rabka-Zdrój are small houses NALAS domki z widokiem. Those beautiful wooden houses are located close to the hiking trails and offer view on the forest. Besides location, guests are delighted with comfort and decor.

Map of Gorce National Park & Rabka-Zdrój

Reading a map while hiking in Western Tatra mountains, Slovakia

I usually prefer to hike and travel with a paper map (especially when abroad). Here's why:

👉 Reliability - paper maps don't rely on batteries or electronic signals, making them reliable in areas with poor or no cell service. They won't suddenly run out of power or lose connection like electronic devices might.

👉 Detailed information - paper maps often provide more detailed information about terrain, trails, landmarks, and points of interest compared to digital maps.

👉 Backup - even if you primarily use electronic navigation devices, having a paper map serves as a backup in case of technology failure or loss of battery power.

👉 Preservation of nature - unlike electronic devices, paper maps don't require electricity to operate, making them more environmentally friendly. They also encourage a deeper connection to nature, as you rely on physical maps to navigate the landscape.

👉 Last but not least, laminated maps are good for all kinds of weather. Better to wet a map rather than a smartphone, right?

if you would like to get a map of Rabka-Zdrój and the nearby Gorce National Park check out eBay:

I wish you a happy time visiting attractions in Poland! 🇵🇱 💛
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