10 reasons why living in Poland is OK

Capital of Poland - Warsaw city
By Joanna Dabrowska

By Joanna
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Lifestyle Aug. 2, 2018, 10:54 a.m. Poland 2018 Lifestyle

I like living in Poland. I had a chance to live in London for over a year and I had known from the very beginning that I would get back to my homeland sooner or later.

Polish history isn’t easy. Poles used to have very serious problems in the past and our country disappeared from European map for 123 years! Then we had some further difficulties with our neighbours and still Poland wasn't a free country. To this day there are still people who remember living in such troubled times.

But all is different now, and Poland is a beautiful and fast-growing country with booming economy which offers many possibilities for its residents.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of daily life in Poland.

Table of contents

1. Low unemployment

It may not be so good in every part of the country, but in the south, in the Silesia region, unemployment is very low and you can choose between many different companies. Big or small, production or services, Polish or foreign – the choice is yours.

2. Rising salaries

They say that wages in Poland are low, but the cost of living also isn’t very high (at least not as high as in Western cities). Good thing is that salaries are growing every year and there are pay rises at the beginning of each year. Also, if you decide to change your job you will get yourself a salary increase for sure.

3. Well-developed infrastructure

We have motorways (good ones! Really, compared to the South and East of Europe our roads are a miracle! 😉). We have airports, seaports, trains, bridges.

Cities offer all the services and entertainment one needs, but living in the village is also comfortable – there are all communal amenities necessary for a normal life.

Besides, our traffic jams are nothing compared to those in Western Europe.

4. Beautiful mountains, lakes and sea

Nature in Poland is amazing! It’s very diversified and we have everything which is needed for a nice weekend or memorable holidays – fantastic mountains in the South, seaside in the North, and lots of forests, lakes and National Parks in between.

5. Interesting cities

Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Torun – you name it! City animals, architecture aficionados, history lovers – all will find loads of interesting spots in Poland.

6. Very good dentists

This one is actually quite surprising, but is soooo very true – Polish dentists do a great job. When my friends who live abroad visit Poland, they always go to their trusted dentists.

7. Safety

No earthquakes, no tornados or hurricanes, no volcanoes, no tsunamis, no drifting ice mountains, no terrorist attacks.

8. Nature for everyone

Forests and meadows are usually public and available to everyone. There are no fences which would keep you from enjoying nature.

9. An electric socket in the bathroom

I know this one might seem trivial, but it makes daily life in Poland much easier. I’m very happy I can have a washing machine in my bathroom and don’t have to use a hairdryer in the living room. 😉

10. Weather

Summer is summer, winter is winter. There’s a big distinction between seasons which makes life more interesting. We have fresh scented air in spring, scorching hot in summer, colourful leaves in autumn and snow in winter.

I know Poland isn’t a paradise, and there are many problems which we have yet to solve. I live in the southern part of the country (Silesia region) and life here is fine, but eastern parts of Poland are poorer and still not so convenient to live in.

The biggest disadvantages for me are:

  • High taxes.
  • Relatively low wages.
  • Air quality in winter is very poor.
  • It takes time to make friends in Poland. Usually, you have to know a Pole for a very long time for him to consider you his friend.

But all in all, I like my homeland and, at the moment, I couldn’t imagine living somewhere else. Poland’s not perfect and life here has its ups and downs, but I'm aware it could be much much worse.

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