Good to know before visiting Austria

By Joanna Dabrowska

By Joanna
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Hints Sept. 6, 2015, 4:22 p.m. Austria 2015 Hints

  • There are no laid-back mountain huts - there are literally mountain restaurant with waiters taking the orders. Unlike in Poland, you're not allowed to eat or drink your own stuff, even when sitting outside.
  • Brush up your German or travel with someone who knows this language - it's not that easy to communicate in English in Austria. Menus are usually written only in German.
  • When you get to your place ask the owner/receptionist etc. about special tourist card which allows you free entrance and nice discounts for many various activities, not only for 'sporty people'.
  • It's best to do shopping on weekdays. On Saturdays shops close at 6 PM and on Sunday they're all closed. The most popular are Billa and Spar. There's no difference between the prices in these two brands.
  • Buy all the necessary maps before your trip - it's very hard to get them in Austria, even in tourist resorts.
  • It's always good to observe traffic rules but in Austria it's even more recommendable - the fines there are so high that speeding is really not worth it.
  • It's OK to drink tap water - Austria has high quality tap water coming straight from the Alps. However, bear in mind that ordering tap water in restaurant is considered rude!
  • It's quite difficult to find free parking space in Salzburg and relatively easy to get fine for unpaid parking. Don't leave your car wherever you fancy and remember to buy parking ticket. There's also a special "clock card" which allows you to leave your car at places marked with blue line.

And you, have you ever been in Austria? Would you add something to this list?
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