Camping tatra mountains

Camping tatra mountains

Thank you for your amazing post, helped me a lot! Is it possible to wild camp in the high Tatra mountains? I would like to do the VÝCHODNÁ VYSOKÁ FROM VYSOKÉ TATRY - MULTI-DAY HIKE: Thank you!

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Unfortunately, it's not possible to sleep in a tent/hammock/sleeping bag in Tatra National Park. Officially, the only place tourists can spend nights are mountain huts. There are some people who wild camp in Tatra mountains but they risk a rather pricey fine.

by Joanna

Actually I was reviewing the subject once again and found a positive results. There are places in Tatra mountains that camping is allowed. They were difficult to find. In Poland, there is one very close to Morskie Oko called "Szałasiska" and one more near Kiry. All described here but require some translation: In Slovakia: Bielovodska valley - but only for organized climber groups! The field under the Vysoka mountain - allowed to camp only in the season time and only in a dedicated area. Be aware these camp side may have restrictions like for instance in Szałasisko underage visitors not allowed. I will try to find more detailed information on the subject soon.

by Bartosz Dabrowski


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