4 simple ways to get exercise in the office

4 simple ways to get some exercise in the office
By Joanna Dabrowska

By Joanna
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I sit a lot. The bad news is that not a single part of my body is made for sedentary lifestyle. We're programmed to be on the move. I wrote a little bit more about the harmful effects of excessive sitting here.

Another bad news is that 40-60 minutes of physical activity per day isn't enough to make up for all the hours I spend glued to the computer.

But enough of the bad news. We can all win with sedentary lifestyle and you don't need to do complicated and demanding exercise or use special equipment to stay in shape in the office. It's simply choosing to move whenever you can.

So, here are my quick and simple but efficient methods to get some exercise and feel better:

1. Use the stairs

Good old stairs. We should all love them. Did you know that only 10 minutes of stairs climbing will burn over 80 calories? Besides, stairs will make your bum look like million dollars.

I know - tight skirt and high heels make you use the lift. So, how about a compromise - 50/50 rule? Or wearing trainers to get to work? Maybe you could even start wearing more comfortable clothes? Your body will love you for that.

2. Get to work on foot or by bike

I know it's sometimes impossible - no one would force me to bike for 30 kilometres twice a day, 5 days per week 😉

In such cases you can leave your car a bit further from your office so that you need to walk more. The same rule apply for commuting by bus, train, metro, etc. Walk more and enjoy the fresh air.

4 simple ways to get some exercise in the office

3. Go to the kitchen, restroom, lunchroom, etc

I know it's busy but try to get up from your desk as often as possible. Since it's crucial to keep your body hydrated, get yourself a small mug and refill it in the kitchen regularly. It'll also make you go to the toilet often - more walking, yay!

Don't ask your colleague to bring you some water if you see him/her going to the kitchen. Go together instead!

4. Discreet exercises at your desk

I work at open space, so push-ups, squats or any other "prominent" exercises are out of question for me. What I can do is stretch my arms and legs while sitting and flex my muscles (I do it randomly and a bit unconsciously - good habit).

In general, I wriggle a lot so I tend to change my sitting position every now and then. And I think you should do it too 🙂

How about you, what are your ideas for a workout in the office?

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