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Wedding scheduler which makes life easy

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By Joanna Dabrowska

By Joanna
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Lifestyle April 13, 2016, 5:18 p.m. 2016 Lifestyle

Our life's got recently even busier than usual. The big day's coming so we need to manage our time efficiently.

I do my best to combine full-time job, wedding preparations, everyday chores and some other additional, more or less unexpected stuff popping out here and there. What actually helps me a lot is my wedding scheduler. I prepared a timeline to-do list of all things which I've got to get sorted before 2nd of July 2016. Then, if it's so helpful, why not share it with the rest of the world? 😉 Here we go:

At least 12 months before the wedding

  • If your parents don't know each other yet, it's high time they meet
  • Prepare your wedding budget. If you don't want to do it on your own you can google a wedding budget calculator - there's loads of them on the Internet
  • Choose and book your wedding date in church or register office
  • Book the restaurant
  • Find the band or DJ


6 months before

  • Get to know which documents you need and what would be the deadlines to give them to priest and/or register office
  • Sign up for premarital course
  • Find your dream wedding dress. It's also good time to buy all the additional stuff (veil, 2 pairs of shoes, underwear, jewelery, perfume etc.)
  • Choose bridegroom's suit and the extras - shirt, tie/bow tie, vest, cufflinks, belt, shoes, undies, etc.
  • You may start preparing the list of presents (we can't be bothered to do this - kind of awkward for us)
  • Buy wedding rings (unless you're planning on loosing a lot of weight in the next months. Shrinking the ring flaws it a bit and besides, who wants to visit jeweller's so many times? You can buy the rings a few weeks before the wedding - it's usually 2 weeks to get rings with engraver)
  • Choose (and inform about your decision) your best man
  • Dentist time! If you usually avoid dental chekup, then wedding might be the best motivation to overcome any fears you might possibly have 😉


3 months before

  • Start visiting beautician. I kown this looks like an exaggeration (I thought so at the beginning: "What the heck! Am I not having enough expenses?!") but professional and experienced beautician will do wonders to your skin! So, unless you've got nice, rosy and spotless skin, take care of your face! It's really worth the money and the added advantage is the relax which you get during visits at beauty parlour. Believe me - relax is highly needed when the wedding's coming!
  • Sign up for dance course
  • Book a wedding car/chaise
  • Buy wedding invitations
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • If you're having church wedding, it's time for your first confession
  • If your guests aren't locals, book hotel rooms for them (with breakfast included, I reckon)


2 months before

  • Give and/or send the invitations
  • Plan the guests arrangement at the tables
  • Buy calling cards with name of each guest so that everyone knows where to sit. I think such cards are highly useful and prevent unnecessary quarrels among guests

1 month before

  • Discuss the menu at the restaurant
  • Arrange the hotel rooms for the guests so that there'll be no awkward situations when checking in (odds are your 25-year-old best mate wouldn't want to share room with your granddad)
  • Time for bride to have test hairdo and makeup
  • Meet with the band/DJ to discuss the music, games, surprises for guests, etc.
  • Meet with photographer to discuss the details of his service
  • Organize stag and hen parties
  • Time for fitting the wedding dress and suit (yes, it's only about 3-4 weeks before the wedding that you get the final fitting - I'll collect my dress one week before the big date)
  • Wear your wedding shoes at home - they need to get comfortable before the wedding party
  • Check your wedding rings - if they became too big or small, you've got time to adjust them to your finger
  • Arrange transport for your guests
  • Visit the florist's to discuss the decoration of church/car/restaurant venue

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1 day before

  • Time for your second confession
  • Make sure you get good night's rest
  • Get all your clothes in one place
  • Pack stuff for the wedding night

The big day

  • Bride goes to hairdresser and makeup artist
  • Bride groom or best man gets the flowers for bride and parents
  • Take the car from rental place and get it nice at the florist's
  • Remember about the rings!
  • Last but not least - enjoy the party! In the end it's all about fun, get-together and having great memories afterwards!
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