Salomon Ski Jacket - Women's Minim Jam GORE-TEX Jacket

Salomon Jacket - Women's Minim Jam GORE-TEX Jacket
By Joanna Dabrowska

By Joanna
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Review Feb. 20, 2015, 10:43 a.m. 2015 Review

I really like my Minim Jam jacket . I've already been wearing it for 2 winters and I'm definitely satisfied with it yes I've been using it both for skiing and hiking and the jacket always performed well.

I bought it at the beginning of 2014 in one of Katowice shopping centres. It was sales time so, instead of paying 1400 PLN (about 350 USD), I got this jacket for 900 PLN (about 220 USD). The price may still not have been very low but it was good bargain - women's Minim Jam jacket's worth the money and it looks like it's going to serve me for many years.

First of all, it's 100% waterproof .

Salomon Jacket - Women's Minim Jam GORE-TEX Jacket

No matter if it was snowing heavily or raining - I never got wet from the outside. In addition, Minim Jam jacket protects well from wind and cold . I guess it copes well with harsh weather because of GORE-TEX membrane (very thin breathable fabric layer).

I tested it many times so I'll only mention here 2 most demanding tests Minim Jam jacket was subject to:

  • December hike in Bieszczady - a few hours in icy-cold strong wind and still I wasn't cold or trembling, no water got inside,
  • Skiing in Chopok - this mountain gets really nasty at the peak. The weather conditions were so bad I wasn't even able to see the piste. There was the strongest wind I've ever experienced. And the jacket coped well - I felt perfectly all right.

Another thing which I like about Minim Jam jacket is that it's light and comfortable . I was told the jacket had been produced using Motion Fit technology . Not being sure what that really was I read on manufacturer's website that " Motion Fit is Salomon’s approach to pattern engineering and tailoring. We provide an articulated fit while enabling unlimited freedom of movement ".

Oh well, the jacket's just comfortable and I felt well wearing it both during skiing and hiking. Simply as that 😉

Salomon Jacket - Women's Minim Jam GORE-TEX Jacket

I also find this jacket very durable - I used it for 2 winters and it still looks brand-new. And I'm not a perfect skier - I experienced a fair amount of falls and tumbles while skiing.

Other things which I find useful in this jacket are: taped seams, goggle wipe in the pocket, inner stash pocket, zipped chest pocket, ski pass pocket on left arm, storm pocket, fixed hood, powder skirt.

Salomon Jacket - Women's Minim Jam GORE-TEX Jacket

Now, for the disadvantages.

I think Minim Jam jacket could be a bit better at shedding the sweat. Maybe it's just me sweating a lot but I could definitely do with pit zips. Also, especially after intense physical activity, I felt that the jacket was a bit humid on the inside . Thanks to GORE-TEX membrane the moisture was gone quickly but perhaps not as quickly as I'd like .

To sump up, The Salomon Minim Jam women's jacket is well designed and gives good range of motion without being overly baggy. It gives you all the things you need from a good skiing jacket: it's water and windproof, light and comfortable. One thing which could be better is its face fabric - it might be durable and water resistant but compromises breathability.

Advantages of Salomon Minim Jam women's jacket:

  • 100% water and windproof - GORE-TEX membrane
  • light
  • Motion Fit technology (that just means it's comfortable)
  • durable
  • sufficient amount of pockets.


  • no thumb loops to keep the snow and cold out
  • no pit zip
  • not enough breathability for a long hike.

If you feel I left out some useful information about the jacket, feel free to comment below or contact me directly here .
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