Mountains are better than beach

Beskid mountains, southern Poland
By Joanna Dabrowska

By Joanna
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Lifestyle Feb. 7, 2016, 11:08 a.m. 2016 Lifestyle

I’ve recently had a worthwhile discussion with a friend about superiority of calm holidays at seaside over action-packed mountain travel. This is what I concluded:

  • If you go to the mountains, you will have about twice as many exciting memories as on the beach. Active holidays are always like that.
  • Spending actively a few days in the mountains will get your body in perfect shape and your mood will naturally improve – there’s scientifically based fact that outdoors physical exercise produces loads of endorphins (“happy hormones”).
  • Air is cleaner in the mountains. Beaches are very often located close to the roads while mountains are green and inaccessible for traffic. Also, the fumes from the urban areas simply don’t get that high.
  • People in the mountains are kind and helpful. It’s a rule. And they say “hello” to fellow hikers. I haven’t seen that kindness on the beach.
  • The chance you’ll get sun-caused wrinkles in the mountains is much less possible than on the beach. Suntan isn’t healthy, this fact is officially confirmed by everyone and let’s be honest – it’s the suntan you go for to the beach.
  • The chance of taking amazingly beautiful landscape photo is higher in the mountains. The sea is, of course, also beautiful but it’s the mountains where you get diversified landscape: forests, lakes, rocks, peaks, springs, animals, interesting vegetation and the amazing look at the world from “the above”.
  • In the mountains you get about 100 sports to try: hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ski touring, paragliding, climbing, BASE jumping, hang gliding – you name it! And how many sports do you get to do at the (crowded) beach?
  • If you’re into meditation, you will find favourable conditions to do it in the mountains rather than on the noisy beaches. Mountains are also great place to get away from the city hustle and bustle. I know quite a lot of people who could do with spending a few days in tranquil place which gets your thoughts organized…
  • Contact with nature is another proven way to lift your spirits. It’s quite impossible to avoid nature in the mountains, whereas seaside resorts are usually crowded urban areas with lots of traffic.
  • If you like reading books or playing board games – this can also be done in the mountains at lower altitudes.
  • I’ve also found out that long hikes make people closer, kind of special bond is created. Simply as that. And I cannot believe that lying on the beach will make your friendship any deeper.
  • In the mountains you get to test your character and endurance which may come in handy later in life. I guess there’s nothing to test on the beach, is there?
  • The stars at nightime sky in the mountains are unforgettable view, simply the best one!

This is my subjective opinion which isn’t very likely to change 😉

Which one do you like more: slow beach days or adventurous mountain trips?
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