Map of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot

Stay safe, make your exploration plan day by day, stay less distracted by your phone. Get the big picture of the city you are going to explore.

  • Map of entire city
  • Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot
  • Detailed city center
  • Legend in English
  • Tested in the field
  • Support our work
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For us planning trip with map is a smart choice giving improved traveling plan and sightseeing selection. Map gives opportunity to see the big-picture of the trip which could save your time and energy.

"Emerging Reason: Paper maps may help stave off dementia, improve your memory, and enhance your ability to imagine the future."
Source: On benefits of using paper maps (link in the bottom)

"Paper maps make you an active, autonomous participant in the skill and art of navigation"
Source: On benefits of using paper maps (link in the bottom)

Hear up our story

Our mission is to help you stay safe, prepare well and save time, money and energy.

We lived both in Poland and the United Kingdom. Seeing both worlds, we understand every folk coming here would need.

Our speciality is smart travel, and given all the places we visited 50+ of multi-day trips and 200 articles written we have things to share with you!

Who are we?

Bart is an engineer in the software security industry. He also helps to build online start-ups. Loves to create content, in his youth he wrote a comic book of 500 pages (not published) and played the trumpet.

Gdańsk is his favourite city!

Also, his favourite song is "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Eric Idle" ;)

Joanna is an international customer specialist at day and a blogger at night. She has aspirations to become a full-time Zen Master someday because she finds her greatest inner-peace quickly when travelling to places surrounded by nature.

The song that expresses me is "Flight of the Bumblebee"

We hate when we have to rush or stress during our vacation, that's why we want for everybody to feel as comfortable in our country as natives could be. Give your time and energy to things that really matter.

By purchasing our content, you help support our creation process. Most of our content is free.

We guarantee the map will be delivered, and it is what it is according to the above description. If within 2 weeks of the purchase you are disappointed we will refund the money back to you once the product is resent.

Price $19.90 $9.90
VAT 23%
Shipping $3.99
Total $16.17

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Price of this map includes small support tribute to this blog. It gets us more time to work here and therefore improves the quality and quantity of the content we create.

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Source: On benefits of using paper maps

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